Novel Girls is a 501c non-profit that sends books to women and girls around the world, in aims to inspire them. Our goal is to help every girl get an education, as it is important that we take responsibility for educating our girls.



Step 1: We collect books, journals, magazines, and pamphlets from elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, libraries, and bookstores across the nation. We ask that the books focus on a range of topics: STEM, body empowerment,  role-models, and tips on how to find a job. 


Step 2: After collection, we package the materials. We also go through each book and write down the price of each book - for customs- and take out books that center on themes of violence or religion.


Step 3: We raise all shipping costs in our headquarters in New York. We do this by hosting fundraisers, as well as asking for support from companies, including: 


Step 4:Boxes are shipped! Boxes usually arrive in 3 weeks, depending on location.