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Another Year for the Books.

Novel Girls has had a busy year. We've improved our communication with schools and libraries in order to help a larger range of students and have moved to 10+ countries, covering 5 continents. 


In 2018, we have gone from sending books to 4 schools in 4 countries to sending books to libraries, women's shelters, and schools in 10 countries: Albania, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Barbados, Jamaica, South Africa, Tanzania, and the Philippines. 


5,000 +






This mass increase in donations comes from a new initiative to work with more companies in order to achieve our goal. We have began working with programs such as Barnes & Noble, Girls Who Code, and Pajama Program where we host book fairs and get book donations. We are also starting collaborations with Chipotle, Target, and Smashburger!