Hello everyone,

Thank you for visiting our website! We are honored to be working to expand education to women around the world. Novel Girls represents the hope that one day all children will have access to better education and quality of life. 

When I first founded Novel Girls in March 2017, I did so because my parents were deprived of a proper education. My parents immigrated to the United States in 1999, after overcoming years of political persecution under the communist regime in Albania. Generation after generation, my parent's families were not allowed to go to college, therefore unable to get a proper education. Being a young woman growing up who is offered the opportunity to have a proper education, I wanted to do everything in my power to help those who were not as fortunate as me.

The books that we send to girls are donated from students around the country, from New Jersey to Texas. I hope that they prove to be useful to our girls and inspire them to become leaders in their communities. My personal goal is that one day, the next CEO of Facebook or the founder of a new movement can say that Novel Girls helped to inspire them. That Novel Girls was able to create a goal for them, to create a path for them.

As Drew Faust, the President of Harvard University, once said "We educate women because it is smart. We educate women because it changes the world." With over 700 million kids currently not in school, the world is depriving themselves of new problem solvers. I hope that girls around the world learn to find acceptance, safety, joy, and beauty in themselves. I hope that they are eager to learn and never forget that it is okay to fail.


Dea Kurti

Founder & CEO

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